Why Do The Salyers Twins in Virginia Have A Restraining Order Against A Man in Colorado They Have Never Met?

Editors Note: The Salyers twins are unaware of the legal trap their deceptive wives have put them in.  The men have been lied to about certain facts.  These lies have caused them to commit certain crimes and civil violations.  Without adequately understanding what they are getting into, they have now lied to a federal judge, used a protective order to protect themselves while they harass a domestic abuse victim, they have begged a judge for a protective order against a man they have never met, talked to or seen, then contacted that person they were apparently afraid of.

And all of this has been with the idea that fame and fortune are within reach.  They have never met the man they have a protective order against.  The man have never reached out to them or spoken to them directly or indirectly.  Even though Virginia law states that there must be evidence of a threat of violence, these boys have a protective order against a person they have never met, seen or spoken too.

They are abusing a law for malicious purposes. This only happens when you have questionable judicial leaders such as the corrupt Judge Eggleston and Judge Garret of Amherst Virginia and when you are being lied too and manipulated.

Salyers Twins Lied To A Federal Judge To Help Cover Up Dark Secrets About Mormon Wives, Deane Twins.

The Deane twins met the Salyers twins during the 2017 Twins Days Festival. During the first couple months of dating the Deane twins, the Salyers lost a close family member. Their girlfriends were most likely a strong source of support and happiness during this time putting the Salyers in an emotionally vulnerable state. The Salyers vulnerable state made it easier for the Deane twins to lie about their past and about the man they claim is stalking them. Exactly like the previous man the Deane twins stalked.  In fact so much so that it becomes a pattern.  Brittany Deane had dated a man from Colorado while she was living in Texas/Virginia.  This man had recently lost his mother, whom was a twin.  She attempted to harm this man, harm his family and eventually lied to judges to jail him so he would not speak of the abuse he endured at her and her family members hands.

Josh, who eventually married Brittany has stayed silent. This is probably due to Brittany being honest with him about the fact that she put an innocent man in jail because of her twin sisters inability to control her rage and violence.  Jeremy, however, has not been as smart as Josh.

Several Days Prior To Lying To  Judge Garrett…

Jeremy had reached out and directly contacted the innocent victim the Deane twins had been abusing and maliciously prosecuting for the past 3 years.  Now remember, Briana Deane had most likely told Jeremy plenty of lies about this man.  The honest truth is that Briana Deane attempted to make a fake rape police report.  When she was caught on audio recording, it endangered her reputation as a lawyer, she attempted to harm but eventually jailed the innocent male after 4 failures of false violations of protective orders.  Each time she and Brittany Deane would lie to officers, magistrates and Judges with the intent to do physical harm to their victim or to jail him with the hopes of his audio recordings never being released to the public.

Jeremy made these attempts to contact this man:

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But it was this comment on a YouTube video, where Jeremy didn’t even bother to hide his identity:

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Several days after Jeremy Salyers is teasing and harassing an innocently jailed domestic abuse victim for his own personal sick and twisted enjoyment, he begs the corrupt Judge Michael Garrett for a protective order.

Now let’s review the law behind a protective order in Virginia (Source: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title19.2/chapter9.1/section19.2-152.10/):

§ 19.2-152.10. Protective order.

A. The court may issue a protective order pursuant to this chapter to protect the health and safety of the petitioner and family or household members of a petitioner upon (i) the issuance of a petition or warrant for, or a conviction of, any criminal offense resulting from the commission of an act of violence, force, or threat or (ii) a hearing held pursuant to subsection D of § 19.2-152.9. A protective order issued under this section may include any one or more of the following conditions to be imposed on the respondent:

1. Prohibiting acts of violence, force, or threat or criminal offenses that may result in injury to person or property;

2. Prohibiting such contacts by the respondent with the petitioner or family or household members of the petitioner as the court deems necessary for the health or safety of such persons;

3. Any other relief necessary to prevent (i) acts of violence, force, or threat, (ii) criminal offenses that may result in injury to person or property, or (iii) communication or other contact of any kind by the respondent; and

4. Granting the petitioner the possession of any companion animal as defined in § 3.2-6500 if such petitioner meets the definition of owner in § 3.2-6500.

So let’s review, in order to gain the protective order, Jeremy Salyers needed to prove that his life was in danger from a threat of violence against a man he has never met and whom lives in Colorado, thousands of miles away from him in Virginia.  With a straight face, in a court room that did not even include the man Jeremey was about to testify against, (that man was traveling the world doing work with Big Data and Policy) Jeremey Salyers lied to a federal judge and begged for a protective order against a man in Colorado whom he had never met.  And the corrupt Judge, accustomed to jailing innocent people, granted the order with absolutely no proof of violence or threats of violence.  That judge is Judge Michael Garrett.

If you would like to read more about the innocent man that Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, William Deane, Steven Nape, Bev Wiley and Andrew Childress successfully jailed, please read The Deane Twins Truther

As a side note, after much of the damage was done, the sheriff of Amherst Virginia took several phone calls with the victim of the Deane twins.  He admitted that there is a problem with people abusing these protective orders.  So in Amherst protective orders are easily abused, just like what Brittany Deane, Briana Deane and Jeremy Salyers are doing.

The Salyers twins do not realize how dangerously close they are to very volatile narcissists.  In fact, the Deane twins and the Salyers twins hav even caught the attention of Ramani Durvasula, author of Should I Stay or Should I Go? Surviving a Relationship With a Narcissist.

To learn about how the narcissism of the Deane twins affected innocent Sweet Briar students and alumni, read The Deane Twins Truther.

Sheriff Joe Viar from Amherst Virginia comments about the abuse and the aftermath of people like Brittany Deane and Briana Deane and how people like the Salyers twins and the Deane twins can so easily abuse protective orders and get away with ruining innocent peoples lives..

Sheriff Joe Viar of Amherst Virginia talks about how easy it is for people like the Deane twins to abuse or falsely obtain dangerous ex-parte protective orders without any evidence of violence or threats of violence.


In this call, Sheriff Joe Viar realizes that the ex-parte order that the Deane twins have is against a man in Colorado, thousands of miles away.


Sheriff Viar then discusses how citizens can change the laws so that people like Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, Jeremy Salyers, Josh Salyers, Steven Nape, Bev Wiley and Andrew Childress can’t abuse them for political gain or to avoid truths about abusive pasts coming to light.


Sheriff Viar then discusses how broke the magistrate system in in Amherst Virginia.  To the point where bad people like Brittany Deane and Briana Deane can use it to gain certain economic advantages and jail opponents who disagree with them.  Or in this case where abused physical and emotionally by them.


And finally, Sheriff Joe Viar talks about how intelligent and nice the so called “Deane twins stalker” is.


Bring Jeremy Salyers and Josh Salyers to justice.  They need to be in jail for lying to a federal judge and abusing a domestic abuse victim who is trying to speak out against his abusers.